Call for Abstracts

Energy Geoscience Conference 2023 provides an opportunity to showcase the fundamental science which underlies the full range of options in the energy mix and abstracts are invited across the full breadth of energy-related geosciences. Contributions can include analogues, regional and case studies, research insights, technology applications, and many other themes as illustrated below. The transition to a wider base of energy sources represents a huge opportunity for learning from other industries and submissions are particularly welcomed that facilitate two-way learning and illustrate the applicability of data, techniques and workflows across the full spectrum of geoscience applications in the energy transition.

Conference sessions will reflect discipline and theme related topics covering oil and gas, geothermal, subsurface energy storage, subsurface waste disposal and the subsurface aspects of renewable energy.  There will be a particular emphasis on topics that have applicability to multiple subsurface uses. This web page will be updated to identify those themes and sessions that the convenors feel can particularly help drive inter-disciplinary sharing and collaboration.

Whilst it is anticipated that many of the contributions will be from the UK and Northwest Europe, worldwide participation is welcomed by the convenors. The hybrid conference format is designed to be inclusive and in person or virtual contributions – both talks and posters – are welcomed, regardless of geography. A shorter, ‘research highlights’ format for talks from early career researchers on ongoing research can also be also offered.   Continuing the tradition of the former Petroleum Geology Conference series, the conference will have a strong subsurface science focus and will not be able to offer an opportunity for marketing-oriented contributions. It is hoped that many contributors will be willing to contribute high quality technical papers to the subsequent Conference Proceedings volume.

To discuss possible contributions with a convenor, please contact

Abstract submission deadline: 30 June 2022

Guidelines to submit your EGC 2023 abstract

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  4. Abstract word limit is 500 – text only no figures.
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