Diversity & Sustainability at the EGC1

Joint Diversity and Sustainability Statement 
The Geological Society and Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain

The Geological Society and the Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain strive to ensure that all our activities are built upon a foundation of respect, decency and inclusion.

As organisations with international audiences, we have a duty to ensure that these activities cultivate an environment where a diversity of ideas, values, cultures and perspectives are welcomed and respected.

With increasing challenges related to climate change it is more important than ever that we all work together to build innovative solutions to the global challenges that impact us all in order to create a more resilient and sustainable world for future generations.

We are committed to improving access and opportunities and encourage the development of a safe, diverse and inclusive geoscience community. Without this, the geoscience community will struggle to attract, develop and retain the necessary skilled geoscientists to help guide/advise/shepherd society through the energy transition to a greener and more sustainable future.

The Energy Geoscience Conference aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with conference attendance via initiatives including the virtual attendance option, delivery of conference materials (programme, abstract booklet, etc.) in digital rather than printed format and without the delegate bags often provided at large conferences.

Sustainability at P&J Live

P&J Live has achieved an excellent rating in BREEAM which is the highest environmental standard possible and they are the most sustainable venue of its type in the UK. Find out more.