Technical Programme

The Energy Geoscience Conference (EGC), a newly launched conference series, brings high-quality, energy-related geoscience to a UK and international audience. EGC1 seeks to address technical challenges and support geoscientists in industry and academia researching, exploring and developing the energy supplies, storage and sequestration facilities demanded through the energy transition. Delegates will be able to immerse themselves in their own particular industry or subsurface specialisms, to better understand a range of new and emerging fields and techniques and to see the broad applicability of their own geoscience skills as new subsurface uses gain prominence in the energy mix and in evolving geoscience careers.

Following a huge response to the call for papers, the convenors are delighted with the strength, depth and breadth of the technical programme they have been able to construct. Over 3 days, 4 parallel technical sessions and extensive poster displays, EGC1 offers in-depth coverage of a diversity of overlapping and related topics. These include energy and CO2 storage, geothermal energy, exploration for hydrocarbons, hydrogen, helium, storage and nuclear waste sequestration sites, subsurface modelling, geophysics for energy developments, ground modelling for offshore wind, efficient development of hydrocarbon resources, the re-use of depleted pore space, containment in storage, sequestration and hydrocarbon entrapment, fault and fracture characterisation and salt as a store, seal and trap.

Topical, forward-looking lunchtime talks, energy controversy debates and an optional field trip programme combine with the technical programme to make this uniquely exciting new conference the go-to conference for energy geoscientists in 2023.

Click on the image to view the preliminary Technical Oral and Poster Programmes and to find out more about EGC1!